James Runcie

Rounce robble hobble Obs (Imitative) Stanyhurst’s attempt to represent the sound of thunder, copied allusively or derisively by some later writers for the purpose of ridicule.

Runcie Obs. Exc arch. Forms: runci, runce, runsy, ronsy
1. A crease or wrinkle, a sign of ageing.
2. A woman of large build and boisterous or loose manners.
3. A horse, esp a riding horse.
4. Writer, James, author ‘The Grantchester Mysteries’.

Runcible a. A nonsense word used by Edward Lear in runcible cat, hat, etc and esp. in runcible spoon, in later use applied to a kind of fork for use in pickles.

Runcivale Obs. A form of alliterative tumbling verse, used for swearing, invective and insulting rivals.